Dining and Other Services

The day will start around 6am when guests receive their wake up call, and they will be checked to ensure all is well.

The most important meal of the day, Breakfast, is served where guest get a small amount their daily dried food and a small portion of  vegetables. Next water and hay supplies are topped up and litter trays emptied, cleaned and filled with fresh litter.

Depending on the time of year guests will be put outside for some fresh air and exercise first thing, or if the weather is poor then in the afternoon weather permitting. Every guest will have at least two hours exercise a day and much longer in the summer.

Any guests who require grooming will be done before dinner is served at 5pm, Hamsters will be given time in exercise balls at this time. Dinner will ┬áconsist’s of a small amount of vegetables, dried food water and hay will be topped up again before lights out at 9pm.

If your pet requires any medications I am happy to give it. I will need detailed instructions which should be included on the booking form and I will clarify them with you at drop off.


If your pet has a regular veterinary appointment which is due while you are away I can keep this for you. A small charge will be made for this service, depending on distance. You can contact Bramble Lodge with the details and I will work out the charges.


Please let me know if you would like you pets claws clipped, I will do this free of charge and subject to good behavior.

Every opportunity will be taken to spend quality time with your pets giving lots of strokes and cuddles.