The main accommodation for guests at Bramble Lodge is in The Lodge a large 12’x 8’ purpose built hut which has opening windows and storage for all our guests dried food and treats etc.

It also has an electric insect zapper which is kept turned on continuously in the summer months. We have a portable oil filled heater to keep the indoor guests accommodation at a constant 19 degrees and a portable air conditioning unit is provided for those hot summer days! We also use cooling pads for outdoor Rabbits.

We clean out and replace bedding daily; all litter trays are emptied and fully cleaned daily. A full clean out is done twice a week or more if necessary. Each suite is sterilised between guests and all accommodation will be dry and ready to welcome the next occupant. We use a mixture of hay and dust extracted shavings for bedding.

Feel free to give Bramble Lodge a call to arrange a visit so you can see exactly where your pets would be holidaying.

Ask any questions; we want you to feel confident they will be well looked after and enjoying themselves.

Each guest will be provided with a treat by way of a welcome and to help them settle.